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Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association(BGBA) is a self-disciplining, nonprofit and nationwide intermediary organization of Bangladesh Readymade Garment (RMG) sector. The Association was approved by the DTO of the Ministry of Commerce, Peoples republic of Bangladesh and Assessed Grade - A By the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber & Commerce Industry(FBCCI). In line with the principle of promoting the development of Bangladesh Readymade Garment(RMG) Industry, BGBA provides garment-related services for Government, RMG Industry and Society as well as benefit of its member with a range of services and activities designed to assist them in the International market trade development , demand and way to fulfillment..

BGBA takes on boosting the RMG( Ready Made Garment) Industry as its responsibility and commits itself to industrial structure adjustment and innovative growth pattern. On the basis of incubating, assisting and promoting RMG Manufacturing plant, BGBA enhances the communication and coordination with upstream and downstream RMG Industries, enterprises and governments, accelerates cooperation with international institutes and strives to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of Bangladesh RMG sector.

The major tasks of BGBA include strengthen social supervision, fight against unfair quality & deal, safeguard the Buying House and Industry's interest by formulating its regulations and administering RMG(Ready Made Garment) industry behaviors, research and analyze the RMG industry development and market trends in Bangladesh and abroad, participate in drafting industry development strategy, raise suggestions on policy and legislation to government and provide information and consultation service to companies, advocate technological advancement, promote informationization construction, hold various personnel education and training and encourage enterprises to follow the road of self-innovation, join the formulation and amendment of RMG industry standards and organize the implementation of the standards, organize the brands to display in Bangladesh and overseas and assist enterprises in exploring domestic and overseas markets, carry out RMG industrial safety investigation and release RMG industry warning information, host international dialogue, implement RMG industry diplomacy, enhance international economic collaboration and exchanges, and facilitate the international cooperation.

In the past years, BGBA has adhered to the ideology of scientific development and promoted the sustainable development of the RMG sector. With the core of "Quality, Innovation, Fast Response and Social Responsibility", it will continue to provide more public services for the RMG and drive the transformation of Bangladesh from a large garment country to a strong garment country.